Upcoming Events

42km Marathon and Hair Shave

42klm Marathon and Hair Shave In aid of Rathdrum Cancer Support To be completed by the end of April 2021 by Florence Webster


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Events Gallery

This is where we like to acknowledge the effort made by the various organisation and individuals throughout the year on our behalf.

On this page we display photos we receive from Social nights or fund raising events. Events will be displayed through our Facebook Page. You get them in and we get them up!

If you would like organise an event please feel free to contact us





Volunteer Drivers

This is our most requested service within RCSG, and without the good nature and generosity of our drivers with their time, this organisation could not function.

The driver is the person who deals with our clients more frequently than any other committee members and are the real Face of RCSG. They treat the clients with respect, compassion and dignity always.
At Rathdrum Cancer Support Group, we cannot express enough how important these generous male and female volunteers are, and the importance of their contribution to the groups integrity and success.

Garda Vetting

All volunteer drivers must have Garda Vetting prior to driving for RCSG. All volunteer drivers must have a clean full driving licence. Volunteer drivers, “procedures guidelines” will be issued to all drivers.

If you think you could be a volunteer driver, please contact us!



General Volunteer

Another crucial component of a smooth running organisation is the role general volunteers can play within the group.

The role of the general volunteer varies from assisting at fund raising events, participating in hospital visits, to becoming active members on the committee.

Professional individuals are always welcome to share their expertise with the group or with patients on a voluntary basis e.g: counselling, physio, massage etc.

If you would like to become an active volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact us!